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Probioferm has passed Eurofins GMP Audit.

We are FDA inspected facilities and third party GMP certified facilities. Our goal is to produce highest quality Probiotics and Products.

Probioferm received the most innovated small business award in 2017 from DMACC.

Probioferm has been doing our best for probiotics fermentation, new technology research and development, and products development. link

Recent News at ProbioFerm

ProbioFerm Expansion is Underway! Construction of an additional 22,000 square feet of finished product packaging, warehousing and cold storage has begun

DurabacTM Technology

Enhances the shelf life of the bacteria through a step by step encapsulation of the cells.

Microbial Encapsulation Technology

DurabacTM is a special technology developed by Probioferm. It is an encapsulation coating process that enhances the shelf life of the bacteria through a step by step encapsulation of the bacterial cells.
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Silage & Hay Inoculants

Silage inoculants reduce forage quality loss and helps in maintaining high quality feed.

Combinations of bacteria

ProbioFerm specializes in making private silage inoculants and microbial inoculants products that combine homofermentative lactic acid bacteria, such as Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium, and some species of Pediococci.
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Dietary Supplement

Private Label proprietary products, custom formulations and contract fermentation.

Contract Manufacturing

Our Contract Manufacturing department will help you create custom products and labeling for distribution. From testing to licensing, we handle in-house, which ensures high-quality products for you.
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The ProbioFerm Advantage

  • Experience in partnering with customers to develop and produce private label finish goods.
  • Utilize the highest quality ingredients in your products.
  • We can provide you the best in quality finished goods due to our control over our own fermentation plant.
  • Years of experience as probiotic manufacturers.
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Scott Goldsmith, President of ProbioFerm

“With 20-plus years in the “Probiotic” industry, I have found that Quality and Customer Service are the keys to success. Our commitment to these principles will enable us to create a win-win partnership with you.”
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